SustainablE coaching with slack, video, and (even) on-site EVENTS



The work I do is a mix of training, coaching, facilitation, moderation and trouble-shooting. I'm not dogmatic about any frameworks or methodologies - I understand how they work and how to use them; I'm just dead set against the idea of “implementing” something as a shortcut to real results, culture change and organisational improvements..

Although my background is in technology (and I’m still a keen coder and designer), I'm genuinely interested in all aspects of organisational design and operations - I work with finance directors, PMO, HR, marketing, distribution and operational teams as much as I do with product or software development teams.


Improving your organisation isn’t something that happens in a week, it takes time to build and properly embed new capabilities, habits and systems. Having a coach onsite all the time, however, quickly becomes very expensive. Better Agile Habits coaching is predicated on not having a coach on-site all the time.


£1,000 per month

You get access to your coach on Slack, Teams or WhatsApp all week, every week. If needs be we can even get onto video calls. If you have questions or want to discuss something that happened, this is a great option. Same applies if you want an experienced practitioner to explore your ideas and problems with.


£2,000 per month

Basic plus weekly coaching video meetings with a cohort of your staff who want to create the awesome, scaled up version of your organisation. This level of coaching makes improvement into a structured process managed with a coaching Kanban board. This option is great If you want a coach to keep you focused and moving; it’s also great if you want someone to help you get data, observe your meetings and events, and then feed improvement ideas and experiments back into your organisation.


£3,000 per month

Standard plus one day per month onsite (UK).

Manchester Bonus: Companies based in Manchester city centre can take advantage of additional surgeries/drop-ins at their offices as part of the Basic, Standard or Premium package (aligned to coach’s calendar availability).

Bulk Discount: 10% from list price for buying blocks of 6 months or more in advance.



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