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The work I do is a mix of training, coaching, facilitation, moderation and trouble-shooting. I'm not dogmatic about any frameworks or methodologies - I understand how they work and how to use them; I'm just dead set against the idea of “implementing” something as a shortcut to real results.

Although my background is in technology (and I’m still a keen coder and designer), I work to help clients improve all aspects of product development - from operations, to sales and marketing, to finance and strategy.

Coaching plans

We can design the perfect plan for your organisation - starting from £995 per month

Improving your organisation isn’t something that happens in a week, it takes time to build and properly embed new capabilities, habits and systems. Having a coach onsite all the time, however, quickly becomes very expensive. All the coaching plans we can design for you are predicated on not having a coach on-site all the time - they involve a blend of on- and off-site activity, making use of tools like Jira, Confluence, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype, Webex and Trello to create a continuous coaching experience without the burden and cost of having a coach rattle around your building all the time.

The chances are that you already have people who could become great agile practitioners and coaches - let’s find them and get them there.

Busy leaders still need time to think, reflect, discuss and learn.

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